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More than Television, Video and Live Musical Entertainment
Also Available: Stage and Theatrical Coach, Music and Vocal Teacher, Technology Consultant.
Business Services Include: How to Interview for a Job; How to Improve Sales and the Bottom Line.

Small to Large Scale Productions
Whether you want to produce your own television show or find a videographer for your next event,
STP Productions can help. Contact
Graduation Videos
STP Productions guarantees that EVERY SINGLE GRADUATE is FEATURED RECEIVING THEIR DIPLOMA as you hear THEIR NAME read. In reality, graduates names are read before they receive their diploma. Additional editing is required to make this guaranty! NO other graduation videos promise the same. ASK about it! FREE PRODUCTION with minimum purchase of videos.
CONACT for more information.

Children's Productions are a treat!
with a minimum purchase of videos.
Great keepsakes and gifts!
CONTACT Stephanie @
Documentary Videos
From Holocaust survivors to wildlife surgeries,
from drug busts to tornado chasing,
STP Productions brings real life documentaries to television.

Medical Seminars and Surgeries
Create a library of resource videos or provide copies of your latest surgical technique or seminar. Documenting seminars and procedures can create amazing educational and financial opportunities.
Television Programming
The best value per dollar in the Coachella Valley!
If quality matters to you, call STP Productions for your television production needs. Don't just hire a camera and operator, hire a televison director that can make a positive impact on your program. Don't settle for okay.
Insist on STP Productions.

Commercials and Infomercials
From 30 seconds spots to 30 minute programs,
STP Productions can make it happen.
FREE Taping for Amateur
Theatrical Productions

With a minimum purchase of videos.
Prices vary directly with the length of the show.
for more information.

Customized Demo for Entertainers
Spotlight your best material in a video demo.
Great for marketing potential clients. E.mail for more information.

Television Studio Available
Contact for more information.
Teleprompter available.