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Always with Us
This is my great AUNT ERIKA. She was always the PHOTOGRAPHER in the family. She took PICTURES at all of our family events. We did not know how VALUABLE those pictures and home movies would be at the time. We now have pictures and home movies dating back to the 1950's. What an honor to have her dedicate her life to documenting our family history.

How lucky I am to have had such a great roll model for what turned into my life career. Thank you Aunt Erika.

Carrying on Aunt Erika's Tradition...
When I picked up my first video camera, I fell in love. I immediately wanted to tell a story. One of my first projects was "Turkeycam", the story of Thanksgiving from the turkey's point of view. I then moved on to producing "The California Connection". This was a news program featuring highlights of our home videos to send back to the family. Because of my enthusiasm for videotaping, my girlfriend, Natalee, sent me a gift...a one year subscription to a video trade magazine. This was just what I needed to move from amateur, someone who just loved to videotape her family, to professional videographer.

Now, I know how Aunt Erika felt about filming. It is just something we love to do.

What I LOVE about MY JOB.
Knowing how much those home movies meant to me, both as a child, and as an adult, has made me LOVE MY JOB even more. I LOVE to videotape families, just like my Aunt Erika did for her whole life. Unlike me, though, she was never paid a single penny for her work. She did it out of the love of her heart. She was affectionately known as the "woman behind the lens". I'll never forget the time I was videotaping HER for the FIRST TIME. She immediately screamed, "DON'T PAN SO FAST!"

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